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Los Altos

Tree lined streets and a small village atmosphere characterize Los Altos which is located in the heart of world famous Silicon Valley. Just 40 miles south of San Francisco, Los Altos is a residential community served by seven small retail areas. The seven square mile city is developed with small businesses, schools, libraries and churches.

Incorporated in 1952, Los Altos is a prestige town. School rankings are right at the top in the state. Home prices are high, crime is low. Many homes are being remodeled into something bigger and better or torn down and replaced with larger homes.

Los Altos offers a quaint downtown. Streets are lined with tall redwoods, pines and other trees. It's very woodsy.

Sibling city to Los Altos Hills, the 'top drawer' among the county's cities. They share the school district and shops and some civic projects.
Many of the streets go without sidewalks, part of the country atmosphere that residents seem to love. Despite the name, Los Altos has few hills but it does slope gently toward the Bay.