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Menlo Park

A quiet yet vibrant city of pleasant, pretty, tree-lined neighborhoods and friendly people. Menlo Park provides housing for the Stanford community, draws businesses associated with the university and has benefited greatly from the wealth and ideas that the university has generated. Both cities share Sand Hill Road, the boulevard of venture capitalists.

School scores are high, crime generally low, incomes substantial but Menlo Park doesn't fit neatly into the description 'upper-middle-class suburb.' East of Highway 101 it has a low-income neighborhood, called Belle Haven, that has inserted some diversity into Menlo Park life and given the town the opportunity to work through problems found in bigger cities.

Served by Las Lomitas, Menlo Park and Ravenswood Elementary School districts. Many students then move up to Menlo-Atherton High, which is in the Sequoia District. Scores in the Las Lomitas and Menlo Park districts are among the highest in the state.

Unlike many suburbs, Menlo Park has a historic center, near the train station and city hall. It has bookstores and restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques. Then there is Stanford and Palo Alto and all they offer: libraries, art shows, movies, restaurants, the Stanford Shopping Center-- a cornucopia of activities and cultural ornaments. When you put the whole package together, Menlo Park comes across as a highly desirable place to live.