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San Carlos

The City of Good Living

Located in the mid-peninsula, San Carlos is a bay town that rises to the hills and is divided by a large ravine that is broken up by several small ravines. This has created many sites to position homes that command views of the Bay.

San Carlos is a peaceful bedroom community that has picked up some Silicon Valley-type industries. It has a small airport west of the 101 freeway, away from homes.

San Carlos, to a large extent, built west from its train station. Near the station, the land is flat and contains pre-World War II homes and many apartment complexes. Moving west, the homes become newer, 1950's and 60's designs, and as you move more west and further into the hills, 1970s and 1980s designs show up. At the top, the newest homes and duplexes, on Crestview Drive. 

Many of the homes have been remodeled and upgraded. Many are positioned on their lots to command views.

San Carlos school rankings are high, mostly 80s and 90s. There is day care at all elementary schools. The educational foundation and Chickens Ball raise money for the schools. The downtown area offers restaurants, stores, and coffee houses along El Camino Real and Laurel Street. It is a nice downtown area that seems to have held its own against shopping malls.

In San Carlos there are 2 museums, 11 churches, a new library, a youth center, a senior center, 6 newspapers, 1 TV station, 1 cable system, 7 financial institutions, 14 parks and 8 playgrounds. San Carlos is a short distance from major golf courses, the Pacific Ocean and state camping and other facilities.