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Kathy Krize

Kathy Krize

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What I Do Best for Buyers

Choosing a real estate agent can be daunting.  There are a lot of agents and we all are scrambling for your attention.  Agents will tell you what they will do for you but I want to tell you what I will do based on my personal strengths.  Buyer or Seller, you can count on a real estate transaction to be an emotional and complex process.  My goal is to smooth out the bumps as much as possible.  Here are my personal strengths:  (strengths are in BOLD)
Most buyers do not realize the amount of time and energy that does into a property search.  Many hours are spent behind a computer scouring the neighborhoods for the right property, calling for preview appointments and physically previewing the property. By previewing you do not waste YOUR time looking at properties that, most likely, are not to your liking. When I first meet with a potential buyer, I go through a comprehensive wants and needs questionnaire and I listen 'between the lines' to identify the unique qualities you are seeking.  I also feel is it important for the buyer to have knowledge of the process and will provide written materials that help enlighten.  Once a property is found I will review the disclosures (frequently late at night) to identify any red flags that could present a problem.  My goal is to always maintain a winning relationship by fostering open communication and good rapport!
When it comes time to make an offer, I will prepare a solid and clean offer according to your instructions and our research of comparable properties.  At all times I am representing YOU at the negotiation table.
Once we are 'In Contract' we enter into the contingency period which can be intense as many contracts fall through during this time.  Contingencies can be for financing, inspections, property condition, disclosures, etc.  Staying in touch, coordinating inspections and other visits to the property, as well as ensuring all paperwork is complete and accurate is vital.  Follow up with the seller's agent, lender, title officer and others ensures a closing on time.  My attention to this process can make the difference between a smooth or stressful experience.