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Woodside is a small, rural, primarily residential community, with no industrial land-use base and with relatively small retail commercial and professional service activities located in the Town Center and the Skylonda area. The area of the Town is approximately 14 square miles, and is especially valued for its wooded hillsides, natural stream corridors, fields of grasses and wildflowers, graceful buildings, and scenic vistas. Woodside is home to about 5,500 residents and about 2,000 horses.

Horsey: corrals, pastures, stables, trails. Tennis courts. Deer-crossing signs. Town backs up against a game refuge. Some residents dabble in vineyards.

A short drive to Silicon Valley, via Interstate 280. A long drive on same road to San Francisco (about 30 miles). Highway 84 winds and twists through the town and ends at the Pacific.

Elementary school rankings land in the top two percent of the state. Yes, it is a one-school district with an enrollment of about 450. Some homes outside of Woodside are included in Woodside school district. Homebuyers should check to find out what district they are in.

Canada Community College, located in Woodside just east of Interstate 280, adds to cultural life.
Although some demurely gorgeous mansions hide behind walls of shrubs, a lot of the homes are modest. Valued for the location and the company of cultivated neighbors, including Nobel winners, captains of industry, and movie-media stars.